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Bindi - Bayer Golf Management

Species category: Broadleaf Weed
Scientific name: Soliva sessilis

Bindi – What is it?
An annual weed, native to South America, it is prevalent in all states of Australia.

Bindii is a small rosette-forming weed with stolons that are capable of creating additional rosettes and can form a mat-like coverage. It is also commonly known as Jo-Jo weed.

The seed pods are produced at the base of the plant and often inconspicuous, which makes them difficult to spot.

When does Bindi occur?
It is a significant winter and early spring weed of all turf areas in Australia

What damage or effect will Bindi have?
Fast growing and invasive, it is common on all types of growing areas including lawns, gardens and turf.

The seeds which are protected by a spiny capsule characterise this weed. They harden off and turn from being spiny to being spikey which, when walked over barefoot, are very painful and put a prickle in the skin.

Bayer recommends using Spearhead and Destiny.

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