Esplanade Herbicide set to have a big impact

GTE Track Spraying offers specialized vegetation and weed control services on rail networks around Australia. Owner, Kim Evans, is looking forward to widespread use of our new Bayer herbicide for vegetation management, Esplanade Herbicide.

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Esplanade Herbicide for Vegetation Management

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Mr. Evans said “On average, my company treats around 25,000 hectares each year and we welcome the introduction of this unique pre-emergent herbicide containing a new mode of action.  Esplanade will be a valuable tool and I expect it to have a big impact on our business”, he said.

“Firstly, the quantities of chemical we have to carry securely are massively reduced because of Esplanade’s low use rate.  Where once we applied 250,000 litres / kg of herbicides a year, with Esplanade we’re looking to reduce that by up to 90%!”

“In addition, the low use rate allows us a lot less down-time whilst making our mixes, allowing us more spraying time, thereby increasing our productivity.

“Esplanade Herbicide has also proven to be effective on many weed species we deal with, including resistant Ryegrass which has previously been a problem.”

Mr. Evans added: “We believe in Esplanade Herbicide and are confident our vast client base will readily warm to this new, innovative technology, as they witness first-hand its benefits.  I believe Esplanade is set to be a big part of what we do going forward”.

Vegetation Control Specialist and Operations Manager at GTE Track Spray, Sam Hamilton, is pictured here on rail tracks at Somerton Yard, Victoria, where Esplanade Herbicide has been sprayed.


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