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Esplanade Herbicide Available Now!

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Esplanade herbicide from Bayer

Esplanade Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that offers long-lasting control of over 30 species of annual grasses, broadleaves and sedges at rates many times lower than previous standards such as Pendimethalin and Diuron. Esplanade is used primarily in vegetation management (VM) applications such as railroads, utility substations and roadside rights-of-way, among others. Esplanade may also be used pre-plant and post-plant for weed control in forestry plantations.

Esplanade contains the active ingredient Indaziflam, which is one of the most effective and long-lasting pre-emergence solutions available.

Esplanade is a selective, pre-emergent herbicide for control of certain grasses and broadleaf weeds in industrial vegetation management and in forestry plantations. It controls weeds by reducing the emergence of seedlings through inhibition of cellulose biosynthesis (CB inhibitor).

Paul Crack, National Sales Manager (VM) for Bayer said “Esplanade is ideal for Vegetation Management customers seeking greater efficacy, improved safety and reduced environmental impact. It offers the next generation in long-lasting, pre-emergent weed performance”.

“Only Esplanade’s new mode of action, offers extended residual broad spectrum weed control, even against resistant weeds, coupled with rates a fraction of current standards. It even maintains its efficacy under wet conditions. This means you will accomplish more, with less active load, than ever before, reducing your cost of doing business and your environmental footprint”, Paul said.

Esplanade provides pre-emergence control of seedlings by disrupting and inhibiting normal growth of roots as they try to emerge. In general, Esplanade has no post-emergence activity meaning that it does not control plants after they have emerged and established a root system.

For control of annual weeds, Esplanade must be applied before they germinate. In order to provide pre-emergence control of annuals, Esplanade must first be activated by rainfall.

Many herbicides are degraded quickly by sunlight if they remain on the soil surface before rainfall allows them to bind with soil particles. In contrast, Esplanade has good photostability, meaning minimal breakdown on the soil surface as a result of exposure to sunlight. This allows some flexibility in application timing relative to rainfall. Esplanade should be applied with an expectation of rainfall within two months after application.

Esplanade offers Vegetation Management customers greater efficacy, improved safety and reduced environmental impact. Available in a 1L pack size, Esplanade Herbicide is available now!

Bayer’s VM team includes:


Paul Crack

National Market Manager (VM)

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Jyri Kaapro

Senior Market Development Manager (T&O/VM)

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James Royal

National Market Manager (T&O/VM)

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Paul Crack

National Sales Manager (VM)

(m) 0438 991 907


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