About Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management includes weed control solutions for railroads, utility substations and roadside rights-of-way, among others.

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Bayer's Vegetation Management products in Australia include Esplanade® Herbicide and Round-up Biactive®.

Esplanade Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that offers long-lasting control of over 30 species of annual grasses, broadleaves and sedges at rates many times lower than previous standards, such as pendimethalin and Diuron.  Esplanade is used primary in vegetation management (VM) applications such as railroads, utility substations and roadside rights-of-way, among others.  Esplanade may also be used pre-plant and post-plant for weed control in forestry plantations.  Active ingredient: 500g/L Indaziflam.  Esplanade comes in a 1L pack size.

Roundup Biactive has been specifically formulated for use in environmentally sensitive areas. This unique formulation contains an 'aquatic approved' surfactant, allowing for use in sensitive areas such as around streams, creeks, dams, channels and drains. Roundup Biactive controls a broad spectrum of annual, perennial and aquatic weeds.  Active ingredient: 360 g/L glyphosate (present as the isopropylamine salt).  Roundup Biactive comes in a 20L pack size.