Root Diseases

A number of fungi can infect turfgrass roots and cause significant damage. The most important diseases are Pythium, brown patch, take-all, fairy ring, kikuyu yellows and spring dead patch.

Using fungicides to control these diseases can be difficult, as getting chemicals to the target can be a problem. Generally fungicides are applied in high water volumes or after application irrigation is used to move the chemicals into the root zone.

Timing of chemical application must be optimum and generally, this correlates to specific soil temperatures for each disease.

Recommended products

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Banol Turf and Ornamental

Banol Systemic Fungicide is one of the most reliable and...

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Bayfidan Turf Fungicide

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Bayfidan is a broad spectrum, highly effective, systemic...

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Interface Stressgard Turf Fungicide

Suspension Concentrate

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Other Problems

dollar spot

Leaf and Crown diseases

A number of fungi can infect turfgrass leaves and stems,...

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Anthracnose - Bayer Golf Management


Anthracnose is a selection of fungal diseases that either...

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Fusarium - Bayer Golf Management


Fusarium is a fungal disease that first appears as small,...

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Dollar Spot - Bayer Golf Management

Dollar Spot

The first symptoms of Dollar Spot are small, circular and...

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Gray Leaf Spot - Bayer - Golf Management

Gray Leaf Spot

Gray leaf spot is a foliar disease which can infect leaves...

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Helminthosporium - Bayer Golf Management


Helminthosporium is a fungal disease that occurs on all...

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Rust - Bayer Golf Management


Rusts are fungal diseases that have many different species...

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White rust - fungal turf disease - get rid of white rust

White Rust

Chrysanthemum white rust is a disease of plants caused by...

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powdery mildew

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects a wide...

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Leaf spot/Melting out

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Spring Dead Spot - Bayer - Golf Management

Spring Dead Spot

First symptoms of this disease often appear in the spring...

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Brown Patch - Bayer - Golf Management

Brown Patch

The most widespread of all turf grass diseases. It is not...

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Pythium Root Rot - Bayer - Golf Management

Pythium Root Rot

The first symptoms of Pythium Root Rot are normally...

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Spring Dead Spot

Spring Dead Spot

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Take All Patch - Bayer - Golf Management

Take-all Patch

Formerly known as ophiobolus patch, Take-all patch is a...

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