Ants – The most common invader
Of all insects that infest buildings, ants are the most common. There are many different species of ant. Each is unique in terms of nesting sites, habits, characteristics and feeding preferences.

All ants live in colonies, consisting of:
  • An egg-laying female (Queen)
  • Short-lived males and workers (sterile female)
  • Foragers in gardens or kitchens (Workers)

Workers are a nuisance. They forage widely in search of food and can damage food used for human consumption. In hospitals, the pharaoh ant feeds on blood, intravenous fluids and fluids associated with wounds and vomit. Materials can be damaged by ants chewing and some bite.

Identify the invader
Conduct surveys to determine the extent of the infestation and the ant species. Species identification is essential to determine the most effective bait.

Achieve long-term ant control
Successful, long-term ant control requires the destruction of the nest. This is often difficult to achieve as nests are typically located in inaccessible places.

Baiting will achieve the most effective control. Foraging ants feed on the bait and transfer the active ingredient back to the rest of the ant colony. Spraying can also be used to form a perimeter barrier treatment that ants don’t like to cross, effectively keeping ants outside the premises.

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