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Summergrass - Bayer Golf Management
Latin Name: Digitaria sanguinalis


Summergrass - What is it?

This is a globally common grass that can be invasive. It is usually red-to-violet splotched. There are two species of summer grass in Australia Digitaria cilaris and Digitaria sanguinalis. It is also widely referred to as crabgrass. 

Summergrass is an annual with fibrous roots and clusters of soft stems which grow close to the ground and often take root at the nodes. Leaves are hairy and quite soft.

When does Summergrass occur?
It germinates when soil temperatures reach 12 to 15°C at 10 cm depth. Alternating dry and wet conditions at the soil surface during spring encourages germination. They germinate and grow best when adequate light and moisture are present.

What damage or effects will Summergrass have?
It invades desirable turf grass and competes for nutrients and growing space. The grass competes more with turf grass when it is thin and open, mowing height is incorrect and light frequent irrigations are applied. The differences between the two species are only slight.

Digitaria sanguinalis is also an aggressive weed in some subtropical crops.

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