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Plantago - Bayer - Golf Management
Species category: Broadleaf Weed
Scientific Name: Plantago spp.

Plantago – What is it?
Lambs Tongue or Plantain, is a perennial weed that grows from a rosette which produces new leaves and seed heads. It is easily identified by the 3-5 distinct parallel veins on the leaves. The leaves are oblong and finish in a point at the tip.

The seed heads are tall and can reach up to 45cm, they are cylindrical pods that burst open at the base and seed is quickly and effectively dispersed via wind dispersal.

Thought to be a native of Europe and Asia, it is now common in all areas of Australia and is found predominantly in parks, sports fields and other broad area turf situations.

When does Plantago occur?
This broadleaf weed is capable of growing throughout the year but is most common and a bigger problem for turf growers during spring and autumn.

What damage or effect will Plantago have?
Despite the fact that it is believed to have healing properties and has been used in herbal remedies for 100s of years, Plantago is a competitive species that can quickly take hold.

The root is deep and persistent and this perennial can be expected to survive for 1-3 years if not tackled effectively.

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