Gray Leaf Spot

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Gray Leaf Spot | Turf Disease | How to eliminate Gray Leaf Spot Turf Disease


Scientific Name: Pyricularia grisea

What is Gray Leaf Spot?

Gray leaf spot is a foliar disease which can infect leaves and stems of susceptible turf varieties.

Gray Leaf Spot Symptoms – What are they?

Generally, during humid and warm weather infection of grasses can occur. Symptoms start as small dark spot which enlarge as the disease develops. As the disease develops the spots have grey coloured centres surrounded by a brown margin.

Where will you find Gray Leaf Spot?

Buffalo grass is the most common species in Australia to be affected by this disease. In the USA ryegrass is very susceptible to Grey Leaf Spot, but in Australia to date this hasn’t been a major problem for this grass.

When does Gray Leaf Spot occur?

Gray leaf spot is a generally a summer disease. It is more likely to develop in regions which experience high humidity levels and temperatures of 26-32 C.

What damage or effects will Gray Leaf Spot have?

Most of the time in Australia, Gray Leaf Spot is a minor disease of turf. When climatic conditions are humid and warm for prolonged periods the disease can develop to the extent that loss of turf cover can occur.


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