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Cudweed - Bayer Golf Management

Species category: Broadleaf Weed
Scientific name: Gnaphalium spp.

Cudweed – What is it?
The two species common in turf and lawns in Australia are G. coarctatum and G. americanum. They are annual or short lived perennials with grey-green, serrated-edged leaves.

G.americanum is very woolly with hair leaves, whiles G. coarctatum has virtually no hairs on the upper surface of the leaf.

Flowers are white with tannish colours; they have a densely petaled head.

When does Cudweed occur?

It is common in poor pastures; species can vary from summer to winter annuals. This weed is a prolific seed producer which can multiply quickly through seed dispersal.

What damage or effect will Cudweed have?
Cudweed can be competitive and difficult to control in turf, growing at a different rate and texture to the grasses. This can affect the quality of the playing surface and also break ball roll.

Bayer recommends using Spearhead and Destiny.

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