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Chickweed - Bayer - Golf Management
Latin Name: Stellaria media

Description: Chickweed - What is it?
A native of Europe now established worldwide. Chickweed is a delicate annual weed with angular stems. The stem has a single line of hairs down one side. Flowers are white with five petals which are deeply bisected and surrounded by longer hairy sepals. The oval, pointed leaves are borne in pairs.

When does Chickweed occur?
The small, white, star-like flowers may be seen at all times of the year. Therefore, it seeds throughout the year and is difficult to control because of its heavy seed set.

It flourishes in all soil types, especially newly-sown turf. Germination can occur at any time but optimum temperatures encourage better growth, particularly spring and autumn.

What damage or effects will Chickweed have?
The seed is resilient and can retain viability for a number of years, making it difficult to eradicate completely. The coverage can be dense and mat-like. It can suffocate a thin coverage of turf and easily take hold.

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