Specticle Now Registered For General Turf Situations

Bayer’s pre-emergent herbicide for warm-season turf is now registered for Turf.

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Specticle Herbicide now registered for Turf


James Royal, Turf Market Manager at Environmental Science, said “Specticle was initially registered in 2016 for application to golf fairways only, so we are very pleased to announce this label extension, which means Specticle can now be used on golf course roughs, sporting amenities/grounds such as football ovals, soccer fields etc. (excluding tennis courts and bowling greens) and other open space turf areas. 

We are pleased about the extent of positive feedback we have received from golf courses that have used Specticle since its launch in mid-2016, both from late winter/spring applications targeting key summer grass weeds like Crowsfoot grass and Summer grass, and most recently from late summer/autumn applications targeting Poa annua.  We are excited about this new opportunity to extend support to turf managers outside of golf to experience the benefits from this latest innovation in weed control chemistry.

Specticle is a suspension concentrate formulation containing 200 grams per litre of the active ingredient Indaziflam. 

Specticle brings a new chemical family to the turf market and will provide another option for resistance management for key grass weeds like Poa annua and Crowsfoot grass.  Not only have many of the current pre-emergent herbicides been on the market for many years, they all have the same mode of action. 

The benefits of Specticle include:

  • A new standard of pre-emergent weed control for superior turf quality and playability
  • Unmatched use flexibility with a wider application window
  • Get on top of resistant weed populations and build more effective and sustainable weed management programs

Specticle is available in a 1 litre pack at distributor outlets now.  In the interim period until the existing product pack is re-labelled, the new label will be made available electronically from your Bayer agent, or can be downloaded from Bayer’s website at https://www.environmentalscience.bayer.com.au/Turf-Management/Products/Specticle


For Further Information:-

James Royal

(m) 0408 903 252