Exteris Stressgard with LeafCote Technology - Your perfect partner for wet conditions

Exteris Stressgard with LeafCote Technology offers a fast-drying time, ideal for challenging wet weather conditions, and broad-spectrum control of damaging leaf diseases.

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Exteris stressgard

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Exteris Stressgard is a next-generation fungicide containing a unique combination of two active ingredients, and two proprietary formulation technologies, delivering preventative and fast curative control of a broad spectrum of damaging leaf diseases as well as improved plant health and turf quality.  The unique formulation of Exteris Stressgard delivers a highly flexible product that turf managers can apply with confidence throughout the year and under a wide variety of environmental conditions, e.g., continuing rain or showery periods.

“It’s a constant challenge to maintain peak playability throughout the season – especially when you’re fighting diseases, plant health and player perceptions,” said James Royal, Turf Sales and Marketing Manager at Bayer. “That understanding is the reason we continually work to harness the latest innovations in plant health and formulation technology to develop industry-leading solutions that offer the dependability and peace of mind our customers have come to expect from Bayer.”

Exteris Stressgard contains the active ingredient fluopyram, utilising succinate dehydrogenase inhibition (SDHI) as its mode of action. Combined with the proven control of trifloxystrobin, Exteris Stressgard offers both systemic movement and translaminar activity, delivering broad-spectrum control of diseases like dollar spot, brown patch, fusarium and helminthosporium.

Exteris Stressgard is the first Bayer turf product in Australia to combine Leafcote Technology and Stressgard®.  Australian superintendents who have trialled Exteris Stressgard reported thorough and uniform coverage of the leaf surface which is important to ensure rapid curative knockdown of damaging fungal mycelium and to maximise residual disease control.   With Leaf-Cote Technology in Exteris Stressgard, turf managers will have a reliable fungicide that stays where it’s needed and has the versatility to work when unanticipated climatic changes occur.

“Bayer Stressgard products are patented and unique. With proven turf health benefits seen over 15 years of global research, superintendents can trust Bayer Stressgard fungicides to deliver outstanding disease control and healthy, high quality turf.  To get the most out of Stressgard products, apply as part of a program, beginning prior to, and continuing through the key stress period.

Other Bayer Stressgard products include: Signature Xtra Stressgard®, Interface® Stressgard, Reserve® Stressgard and our latest turf fungicide, Dedicate FORTE Stressgard®.

“This choice gives more flexibility for superintendents to build disease control programs incorporating regular applications of Stressgard products which can be trusted to perform under the highest stress and disease pressure periods. 

Exteris Stressgard is sold in a 5L container and has a labelled application rate of 10L per hectare.  Recommended spray volume is 400L-800L water per hectare.





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