Easy, Effective Control of Dollar Spot and Other Turf Diseases by Bayer

Keith Kruger, golf course superintendent at Acoaxet Club in Westport, Mass., uses the stressGard™ Formulation Technology product portfolio and is delighted with the results. The past 12 months produced one of the toughest seasons he’d seen in years, but he successfully survived with a complete StressGard FT program on his greens.

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“I’m happy I switched to a StressGard FT program on my greens that incorporates applications of Chipco Triton® FLO, Chipco® Signature™, Interface®, Reserve® and Tartan®,” says Kruger.

“I was really impressed with the turf response to the StressGard FT products. It was important to keep the budget lean this year, and the portfolio of products helped me accomplish this goal."

  • Results after just one application:
After just one application, my course was greener than ever before.” Kruger continues, “All of these products help me control disease but I was most impressed by the control of a key issue – Dollar Spot. On a scale of 1 to 10, dollar spot control was at 9 and ½.”

  • Boosted turf quality:
Results driven, Kruger attests to the effectiveness of the StressGard FT portfolio. “These products not only controlled disease and enhanced both the turf quality and density on my course, but made my job easier,” he says.

  • Greens look better than ever in no time at all:
“Application is simple and more user-friendly with reduced rate calculations and fewer applications. Besides the ease of application, the StressGard FT products have helped my greens look better than ever.”

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Interface Stressgard Turf Fungicide

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