The fusarium battle continues throughout winter - Bayer Turf Management Australia

Fusarium disease (Microdochium patch) is a year round battle on some greens as David MacLaren, Head greenkeeper at Cathcart Castle Golf Club, South Glasgow knows too well.

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When is the ‘Fusarium Season’?
The ‘Fusarium season’ commonly describes the wetter, cooler time of year following the golf season, when greens are being renovated and fungal turf disease is most prevalent. However, in David’s case, Fusarium is something that continues throughout the winter too.

If this winter follows the same pattern as the previous two, then greenkeepers must ensure they allocate plenty of time to fungicide application in their winter maintenance schedule. David MacLaren Head greenkeeper at Cathcart Castle Golf Club, South Glasgow
He explains that "freezing temperatures and regular snow cover in winter can produce an outbreak of Fusarium (Microdochium nivale). The disease requires cool, wet weather, and commonly develops during periods of snow cover. Symptoms of the disease become evident as the snow melts." 

David notes that "In Glasgow, it’s always wet. West Scotland is very damp compared to the east and it does get very cold during winter. This means being constantly prepared for the onset of fungal turf diseases in the winter, as well as the late summer and autumn."

Prevention is better than cure 
David takes a largely preventative approach to disease control. "I’d always suggest spraying the whole green" comments David; "you can spot treat it but that’s not ideal because as soon as you see the first signs of the disease, you can be sure that it will soon spread. Also, the scars left by Fusarium in particular take a very long time to heal. 

Spraying the whole green when conditions are ideal for Fusarium development is the best way to prevent the disease from occurring - that’s what I’ve been doing for thirty years and it works." 

Trust in Chipco® Green
David explains that; "we’ve tried lots of different fungicides but always go back to Bayer’s Chipco® Green, because it’s tried and tested. I know what I’m getting and trust in the formulation. 

In our case, it’s particularly useful due to its quick rain fastness. The weather here is so unpredictable but I know, within an hour or two of application, the heavens can open and the fungicide won’t get washed away. 

Apply up to 4 times a year
The other great thing about Chipco is that you can apply up to 4 times a year. Many other fungicides can only be applied twice and when you have to deal with the threat of Fusarium all year round, that’s an important factor."