Premise Professional

A Premise Professional is a Bayer recommended Termite Specialist.

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Professional Pest Controller: Would you like to know how to become a Premise Professional?

Firstly, you MUST be a licensed Professional Pest Manager and meet the following Bayer criteria of:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Backup and support
  • Conduct is professional, offers qualified inspections and treatments
How Can You Qualify To Become A Premise Professional?

To qualify for the Premise Professional Program, pest control companies that are using 15+ bottles of Premise per year, and meet Bayer's stringent critieria will be invited to join. Once a qualified member, companies will receive specific awards against each purchase of Premise that they make and will also be supported with specific marketing initiatives to help their business.

What Is The Premise Professional Program?

The Premise Professional Program is an initiative of Bayer. It is designed to reward companies that have remained loyal to Premise and which continue to use significant volumes of Premise in their termite management programs.

Are There Additional Member Benefits?

Other benefits to members of the program include on-going training and support; priority knowledge and/or trials of new Bayer products and use of the Bayer logo.  If you are a Professional Pest Manager and you meet the Bayer criteria, please contact your relevant Bayer Territory Manager, listed below:


Chris Mills
(m) 0437 818 982


David Fielder
(m) 0418658107


Wendell Arnett
(m) 0407 396 232