Why Choose Premise?

Premise has been developed by Bayer, one of the leading Life Science companies in the world. With this comes the confidence of thorough research and development and the re-assurance of knowing the product comes from an ethical company with a strong commitment to sustainability.

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premise termiticide

Safe for you and the environment

We all want to protect our homes against termites but we also want to be confident that it is done effectively, safely and that, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, there is some solid backing behind the product that has been used.

Premise is based on a compound that Bayer sells for flea control on domestic animals, so although it is highly effective against termites it presents a very low risk to people, pets and wildlife. As part of the rigorous development programme, studies showed that use of Premise produced no airborne residues after a standard internal treatment, so it is possible to remain in your house while this is occurring (unlike some other termiticides).

Why is Premise so effective?

A Premise treatment effectively creates an extremely efficient in-ground trap that termites can’t detect (the Premise Treated Zone).  Termites forage into the Premise Treated Zone.  Termites that ingest or contact enough Premise are killed outright.  Many Premise-affected termites do find their way back to the colony.  Other termites then receive a lethal dose through normal social interaction or cannibalism.

Long lasting protection of your home

Since the launch of Premise by Bayer, over 1 million homes have been successfully treated around the world (including well over 200,000 homes in Australia). Professional Pest Managers using Premise have found call-backs to be almost non-existent and there has not been a single case of product failure.

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