SilvaShield Injectable Tree Insecticide

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Turf Management

SilvaShield Injectable Tree Insecticide

Product Overview

SilvaShield is an injectable insecticide for trees.  Active ingredient: Imidacloprid.

Product Description

The most environmentally sound way to achieve insect control in trees.  The unique formulation enhances systemic uptake and distribution of imidacloprid in the tree allowing much lower rates of active ingredient compared to alternative application methods such as soil injection.  A single treatment can provide extended protection against various insect pests with minimal impact on non-target organisms.  Target pests: Thaumastocorid bugs and leaf blister sawfly larvae in eucalypts, sycamore lace bugs on plane trees, fig leaf beetle in figs and flatid in Pandanus trees.

Use & Safety

When to use

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Where to use


What to control

Application rates and delivery

Wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, a washable hat, elbow length PVC gloves and goggles when opening the container.  3-5 mL product / 10 cm tree diameter at breast height (dbh), applied using dedicated tree injection equipment.

  • Silvashield is intended to be applied undiluted (do not attempt to dilute product with water).  This allows the solvent within the formulation to aid penetration into the tree.
  • Space injection points evenly around the circumference of the tree.
  • Do not use on fruit or nut trees intended for food use.
  • Do not use on trees likely to be used by commercial beehives.
  • In all situations, application post-flowering is recommended.

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