Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel


Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel

Product Overview

Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel is a fipronil-based gel; giving quick results.

Product Description

Maxforce Gold is from the first generation of gels where our formulation scientists and biologists tailor-made a bait matrix specifically to cater for a balanced range of cockroach dietary preferences.  Combined with an industry leading active ingredient this makes for great results.

Use & Safety

Application rates and delivery

2-5 spots/m2 of treated surface (spot size should be around 5mm in diameter or approximately 0.1g of product).

The use of gel baits results in an extremely low amount of active substance used.  In the case of Maxforce Gold this is equivalent to 0.1-0.25mg of active substance/m2 of treated surface.

Personal protective equipment required = none.

Avoid application of synthetic pyrethroid sprays around ares where gel baits have been applied.

Avoid applying to areas which are regularly washed.

To avoid resistance development rotate with other gel baits which use other active substances, e.g. Maxforce Fusion with TLC Technology.

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