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K-Obiol EC Combi AU


K-Obiol EC Combi AU

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Product Overview

A synergised grain protectant for use  on all cereal grains, including malting barley, sorghum , rice and maize.  Available in a 5L pack for on-farm use, which treats 250 tonnes.   Also available in 10 L pack for bulk handling use. 

Farmers wishing to use K-Obiol are required to complete an End-User Agreement form at point of purchase and complete the online training. Click here to go to Training.
Distributors are required to ensure K-Obiol is only sold once the EUD has been completed and signed. 

Where to buy: Click here

Download a copy of the GRDC (Grains Research and Development Corporation) publication, Stored Product Pests Identification: A Back Pocket Guide here

Product Description

Use on un-infested grain in any type of storage, sealed or unsealed. It is suitable for use by grain growers and grain accumulators. Thanks to the use of deltamethrin, there are no insect resistance problems. Bayer has implemented a Product Stewardship Program for K-Obiol EC with the main objective to ensure grains are only treated once. NOTE:  K-Obiol EC Combi has replaced the previous formulation - use rate and cost-of-use are unchanged. Visit the K-Obiol EC Combi section on this website. 


Learn more about K-Obiol EC Combi by visiting the dedicated section on this website (including On-line training and Sales Outlets).  Click here

Key Product Facts
  • Active ingredients: 50g/l deltamethrin, 400g/l piperonyl butoxide (synergist)
  • Use where methoprene/IGR protectants have failed
  • No insect resistance problems
  • Can be used when a fumigant can’t

Use & Safety

Application rates and delivery

  • Harmful if swallowed 
  • Facial skin contact may cause temporary facial numbness 
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin 
  • When handling, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, elbow length PVC gloves, goggles and a disposable mist mask covering mouth and nose
  • If product gets on skin, immediately wash with soap and water 
  • If product gets in eyes, wash immediately with water 
  • Wash hands after use
  • After each use, wash gloves, goggles and contaminated clothing

How to use

  • Dilute the liquid with water.
  • Do not store diluted insecticide; prepare a fresh solution as necessary.

Rate of Application
  • Apply at a fixed rate of 1L of diluted product per tonne of grain. 
  • One litre of concentrate K-Obiol is diluted to 50L and this is used to treat 50 tonnes of grain. 

  • Spray onto the seed as it is loaded into storage