Bayer National Pest Promotion -- WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Lucky winners announced today! Jordan Jordanov, Eco Solutions Pest Control (1st prize); Leon Dransfield, East Coast Pest Management (2nd prize) and Damien Bishop, Cureall Pest Control (3rd prize).

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winners of Bayer pest promotion

Our lucky winners have won the following fabulous prizes:


1ST PRIZE:            Sony 65” LED TV, Bose Surround Sound, PS4 + 2 games, Samsung Galaxy Tab

2ND PRIZE:           PS4 + 2 games and speaker

3RD PRIZE:           Nintendo Switch + 2 games


Jordon Jordanov from Eco Solutions Pest Control, Sydney, was the first prize winner and sent this lovely thank-you message to NSW Business Development Manager, Wendell Arnett:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Bayer for such a wonderful Christmas present! My family and I are extremely happy and grateful for winning Bayer's National Pest Promotion 2020 - the generous first prize you offered.  What a fantastic end to this challenging year!"

Jordan's daughter, Nikita, was so excited she sent us this video recording.  Click here 

Nikita from Eco Solutions Pest Control thanks Bayer

Jordan Jordanov's daughter, Nikita, (youngest member of Eco Solutions Pest Control) thanks Bayer for the Home Entertainment Package!


The Bayer Pest team would like to congratulate all 3 winners and thank them sincerely for supporting our Bayer Pest Management range of products.