Rotation Of Bayer’s 3 Maxforce Cockroach Gels in Australia

How to control cockroaches is not an easy answer. You don’t get to be the oldest living organism on Earth (over 350 Million years) by being easy to get rid of.

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Everywhere that man has colonized so too has the cockroach.

Your decision on which method to use to eradicate cockroaches should be flexible but based on a set Integrated Pest Management strategy involving:

  • Thorough inspection – cockroaches are cryptic
  • Identification of your pest – tells you where they will be found
  • Predictions of current and future problems – will my treatment be compromised?
  • Evaluation of all factors – what is the best approach?
  • Implementation – put the plan into action

Always pay attention to the environmental conditions that support or enhance the infestation and adjust these conditions if possible. Important examples include reducing moisture, food sources or harbourage.

A gel formulation is best used in sensitive areas such as food areas, electrical appliances, computers, etc. However, cockroaches are a difficult pest to eradicate. To avoid ‘resistance development’ Bayer recommends rotating its 3 cockroach gels: Maxforce® Original Gel, Maxforce®Fusion and Maxforce® Gold. These 3 cockroach gels each have a different active ingredient.

  • Maxforce® Original Gel is the economical standard in cockroach gels; its active ingredient is Hydramethylnon.
  • Maxforce®Fusion is the most robust and stable bait gel on the market, its active ingredient is Imidacloprid, and has TLC technology (feeding stimulant in bait matrix).
  • Finally, Maxforce® Gold, Bayer’s premium cockroach gel, offers excellent palatability and quick results; its active ingredient is Fipronil. 

Bayer recommends using its 3 cockroach gels in rotation to avoid ‘resistance development’.

How to kill cockroaches? Maxforce is the answer!