Mosquito Management With Aqua K-Othrine from Bayer

The transmission of human and animal diseases by certain groups of insects is well documented and established. Looking at the list of insects that are classified as disease vectors and the spectrum of diseases they can carry it is no wonder that the control of these pests is regarded as such an important means of protecting public health. Bayer Environmental Science has been active in the area of vector control for many years. With considerable history and expertise in pyrethroid insecticide and formulation development, the company has products that are ideally suited for mosquito control in Australia and New Zealand.

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Aqua K-Othrine

Pyrethroids are synthetic versions of the botanical insecticide called pyrethrum – found in certain members of the chrysanthemum family. They exhibit very low toxicity to birds and mammals, have little or no odour, and can be applied at very low use rates.

Aqua K-Othrine Space Spray Insecticide from Bayer, contains deltamethrin for maximum effectiveness.  It is a unique emulsion-in-water formulation which is internationally recognised for its efficacy and favourable environmental profile for mosquito management.

Aqua-K-Othrine is intended for dilution in water rather than mineral oils or diesel and thus it contributes to a reduction in environmental contamination and improved user safety.

Aqua-K-Othrine contains Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology (FFAST), an anti-evaporant system which reduces water-based droplet evaporation after application; ensuring correct droplet size is maintained and optimizing efficacy. Overall this means better results achieved with less environmental risk (compared to oil-based formulations or formulations diluted in hydrocarbon solvents).

Aqua-K-Othrine has the lowest application rate of any currently registered alternative space spray concentrate in Australia. It is also fully evaluated and recommended for use as a mosquito space-spray under the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme.

The benefits of Aqua K-Othrine include: Very low application rate; low impact on the environment; can be mixed with water; no odour; exceptional mosquito killing properties; non-flammable and cost effectiveness.  Now also registered for control of Stored Product Pests.


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