Bayer Launches New Maxforce Activ

Maxforce Activ Cockroach Gel from Bayer, is an inexpensive, maintenance gel featuring a new active ingredient to the Australian Pest Control market – Clothianidin – from the Neonicotinoid family. This makes Maxforce Activ ideal for rotational purposes, to help avoid resistance problems.

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Daryle Swarz, Bayer’s Pest Market Manager, says “Maxforce Activ contains TLC (Total Lifecycle Control) Technology, a patented blue-bead within the bait matrix which contains a feeding stimulant, particularly attractive to nymphs, and therefore a great weapon in targeting the entire cockroach population.

“It is not like other cockroach gels on the market.  It is not a glossy, runny gel based on simple sugars.  It’s a soft paste-type gel that stays where it is applied, and remains highly palatable for 12 months or more”, Daryle said.

Maxforce Activ is Hypoallergenic, meaning it does not contain any of the ‘Big 8’ food allergens, such as wheat, milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts or soybeans.  It is also HACCP Certified, and therefore can be used safely in food and beverage handling areas.  It’s also heat resistant, so ideal around kitchens, ovens, etc.

Since its recent launch in Australia, the pest control market has adopted Maxforce Activ as it’s “go to” maintenance gel.  Daryle said “we are extremely pleased with the fast up-take of this new, innovative cockroach gel, and we have been receiving extremely favourable feedback from our customers. Joseph Sara from Sara’s Pest Control trialled Maxforce Activ for Bayer and this positive feedback was impressive:

“We have been using Maxforce Activ in our commercial situation jobs, due to the failure of other gel products.  The environment we used this product in was very conducive to german cockroaches, due to the extensive heat and humidity of this establishment.

“Gel was placed in strategic harbouring spots, we also found it to be pliable and did not run on application.  German cockroaches were drawn to the Activ as soon as it was applied and we were able to achieve control in 16 days.  I will not hesitate in recommending Activ to any of my pest control colleagues”.

Daryle said “ Bayer now has a range of 3 different cockroach gels with 3 different active ingredients: Maxforce Activ (Clothianidin) for maintenance jobs; Maxforce Fusion (Imidacloprid) for existing problems; and our premium gel, Maxforce Gold (Fipronil), excellent for ‘clean out’ jobs.

“It’s important to take a full tool-box at your disposal to treat cockroach infestations (gels, dusts and sprays), e.g. Maxforce cockroach gels; Coopex Dust; and Temprid75, Cislin or Crackdown Insecticidal sprays would complete your arsenal.  Gels are best used in sensitive areas such as food areas, electrical appliances, computers, etc., whereas Dusts can be applied to harbourages such as ceilings, wall voids, electrical cabling and other cracks and crevices.  Finally, sprays are ideal for crawl spaces, entry points, garbage areas or other areas where cockroaches will frequent.

Your decision on which method to use should be flexible and based on an Integrated Pest Management strategy involving:

  • Thorough inspection of the environment
  • Identification of the pest
  • Predictions of current and future problems (will my treatment be compromised?)
  • Evaluation of all factors – what is the best approach?
  • Implementation

“Always pay attention to the environmental conditions that support or enhance the infestation and adjust these conditions if possible.  Important examples include reducing moisture, food sources or harbourages”, Daryle added.

Maxforce Activ is available now at Distribution outlets, and comes in a clear clamshell packet with 3 x 30g tubes plus plunger (as pictured).  This new innovative cockroach gel with TLC technology will replace Maxforce Original Cockroach Gel.


For Further Information:

Daryle Swarz

(m) 0407 337 809