Innovation and Partnering at Bayer

Bayer is working to meet two of the world’s most basic needs: Health and Nutrition. There has never been a more important time for innovation and collaboration in pursuit of that endeavor as our world faces enormous challenges from climate change, limited natural resources to a growing population.

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At Environmental Science we have a vital role and responsibility as we safeguard and strive to advance the health, hygiene and safety of people all over the world, sustainably.   

This we do using innovation and technology to care for the environments where we all live our lives today, and in the future.

Together with our customers, we are working to protect against, and ultimately eradicate, debilitating and life-threatening diseases using vector control solutions and we have set our sights on evolving pest management to protect public health and hygiene and to improve food security and safety.

Through weed and pest control we ensure the safety of buildings, transport and infrastructure and preserve natural resources as we support the forestry industry to meet the demand of a growing world for wood and paper based products. Our solutions contribute to enhancing people’s wellbeing by maintaining green-spaces for high quality sport, play and relaxation outdoors. 

In a fast evolving world we are constantly exploring new ways to deliver better, more sustainable solutions to benefit our customers, society and our planet.

Through our work we are committed to fostering healthy environments where we live, work and play, enabling people and communities all over the world to live life to its full potential, helping them to thrive. Bayer: Science for a better life. 

The Bayer Amplify Program was initiated to reward our customers and partner with them to grow their customers as well as their businesses.  We now have two programs, the Bayer Amplify Pest program ( for Professional Pest Controllers and Termite Specialists and the Bayer Amplify Turf program ( for Golf Superintendents and Turf Managers.  Registration is free.  Click here for further details.