An ant bait from Bayer for the control of ants and large cockroaches

Bayer’s innovative Ant Management range just keeps getting better with the launch of another specialised ant bait insecticide from the Maxforce® stable.

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A varied product portfolio for better ant management

Bayer's specialised ant control range features our outstanding residual spray Temprid®75, arguably the most powerful ant treatment product available. Our leading ant bait, Maxforce Quantum is the ideal companion, enabling effective control of sugar feeding ants in even the most sensitive areas and our new ant granule, Maxforce Complete is food bait attractive to protein, fats and oil feeding ants.  All three combine to provide the Professional Pest Manager with all the tools they need to control ants.

The new bait is a unique mixture of food ingredients that covers the full spectrum of feeding preferences. The bait granules are also in a wide range of sizes that will suit the smallest ant species through to the largest.

Effective colony elimination takes time

The idea of using a solid granule to treat a liquid feeding insect is an important concept to grasp.

Solid granules are carried by foraging workers back into the colony. They're fed to larvae, which turn the solid granule into a liquid food. This is fed to colony members including the queens. It brings on a total collapse of the colony, providing far superior control than conventional treatment techniques. It does however take time to take effect.

To show just how good Maxforce Complete is, it is also registered to control large cockroaches.

Maxforce-Quantum-Liquid-Ant-Bait Gel-Bait

Maxforce Quantum AU & NZ

Ready to use Bait

Maxforce® Quantum is a patented viscous liquid ant bait...

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