K-Obiol Training

To ensure K-Obiol is used correctly and that there is no risk from over use or double application Bayer has designed two supply routes for intending users.

GRAIN GROWERS who are storing grain they have grown must complete the on line training. 

The training program will take about 40-60 minutes and you can stop at any stage and come back to it. At the end are a series of questions that you need to answer to qualify for your Approved Users ID.  Before you start you should have a pen and paper, a calculator and your NGR number ready.  It is also suggested you print a copy of the K-Obiol® label and Safety Data Sheet. Please click here to visit the K-Obiol Product Page.

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GRAIN ACCUMULATORS that purchase grain or store it on behalf of others will be required to purchase their K-Obiol® from Grain Storage Solutions. GSS have agreed to train grain accumulators in the correct use of K-Obiol and to monitor their supply of K-Obiol® to further ensure there is no double treatment of grain. If you are a grain accumulator you can contact them via the Grain Storage Solution web site or by contacting

Matt Head – 0417 522 116

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