Partnerships in Australia

Bayer is committed to developing people and partnerships for the benefit of society.

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We are engaged in a number of multi-stakeholder approaches including partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations and international development agencies.

Partnership Activities
We develop specific Sustainable Development initiatives with key customers. Promote the responsible use of products through education and training. Partner with customers to help set, achieve and report on sustainability goals and successes. Empower employees to approach sustainability from a customer and consumer perspective.

By involving our partners in the process, we help meet our end users’ expectations, both today and tomorrow.

AEPMA and Bayer – a proud association
Bayer has a long history with the Australian professional pest management industry and is proud to support it in a number of key areas, including its primary body AEPMA (Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association).

With a strong position as market leader, in terms of both our existing product portfolio and future pipeline, we are also committed to Sustainable Development, engaging in a number of local and global initiatives.
AEPMA - Bayer Australia Partneship   The role of AEPMA
AEPMA works continuously to develop, improve and promote the Australian professional pest management industry. It liaises with government regulatory authorities on matters affecting the industry, public safety, and uses of pesticides. 

The professional pest control industry provides an important function within society:
  • Protecting public health and well-being, 
  • Maintaining the integrity of structures 
  • Preventing unnecessary loss of certain food commodities. 

Bayer products help achieve these goals.

ASTMA and Bayer – a green collaboration

In the Turf market Bayer supports the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association (ASTMA)

 Australian Sports Turf Managers Association      
The role of ASTMA
ASTMA is committed to the ongoing professional development and support of those involved in the sports turf industry. It promotes the responsible and sustainable maintenance of turf grass within the industry across Australia.