Quickbayt Spray

Suitable for

QuickBayt is a water dispersible granule that’s sprayed onto surfaces to attract and kill flies, fast.

It can be applied to a range of different surfaces both indoors and outdoors, particularly where conventional scatter baits can't be used. Once the flies land and feed on the treated area, they are controlled. Ideal for use as a spot treatment around garbage bins and other refuse areas.

Key Product Facts

  • Active ingredient: imidacloprid 100g/kg & Z-9-tricosene 1g/kg
  • Excellent knockdown results and kills flies fast
  • Spray on a wide variety of areas including walls, posts and beams
  • Starts controlling flies in less than 60 seconds
  • Good residual activity- results visible for 4-6 weeks 
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Cost effective fly control 

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Where to buy

Use & Safety

Where to use
  • Food preparation
  • Indoor
  • Agricultural building
  • Livestock building
What to control

Safety instructions

When opening the container, preparing and using the prepared spray or paste wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or equivalent clothing), a washable hat and elbow-length chemical resistant gloves. Wash hands after use.

How to use

  • Apply either as a course spray using a hand held sprayer or mix a thicker solution and paint with a brush to typical fly resting areas.  
Rate of Application
  • 62.5g/500ml (spray), 62.5g/50ml (paint)  
  • Apply bait as soon as you spot an infestation.

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QuickBayt Spray Demo courtesy of Advanced Pest Control.