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Maxforce Fusion
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Maxforce® Fusion is the next generation gel against cockroaches large and small.  Maxforce Fusion will kill cockroaches including nymphs, for total life-cyle control.

Incorporating for the first time, a patented fusion technology (Total Life Cycle Control or TLC control), incorporating a feeding stimulant and capsule technology within the gel matrix (blue beads).

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Use & Safety

Where to use
  • Commercial building
  • Food factories
  • Food preparation
  • Indoor
  • Industrial building
  • Kitchen
  • Public building
  • Ship
  • Food handling
  • Aircraft

  • Small Cockroaches 1-2 spots x 5mm diameter
  • Large Cockroaches 2-3 spots x 5mm diameter

  • Apply Maxforce Fusion where the presence of nymphs is confirmed.
  • Maxforce Fusion is smooth flowing (easy spot size management).
  • The active ingredient is 21.5 g/kg imidacloprid.
  • The use of non-pyrethroid sprays e.g. Ficam® W can be compatible or useful
  • complementary applications to gel baits.
  • Bayer recommends the rotation of its gel baits: Maxforce Original and
  • Maxforce Gold to prevent bait matrix aversion and chemical resistance.

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