Kordon Termite System


Kordon is a flexible building protection tool providing a combined physical and uniquely repellent termite barrier. For information on Kordon Warranties, please visit the Kordon Warranty Centre.


This robust material can easily be moulded or cut and joined to fit complex design features. It offers a complete under slab treatment for termite and moisture membrane protection.
Kordon comprises polyester webbing containing deltamethrin laminated between two UV stable, low-density polyethylene sheets. Its repellency creates an unpleasant environment for foraging termites and the spread of active ingredient is 100% consistent across the entire surface.

Key Product Facts:

  • Active ingredient : Deltamethrin
  • Extensively trialled and proven by C.S.I.R.O
  • Perimeter and underslab protection against termites
  • Guaranteed correct application rate of deltamethrin
  • Manufactured and designed in Australia
  • Complies with the Building Code of Australia
  • Long term protection for real peace of mind

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Where to buy

Use & Safety

When to use
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
Where to use
  • Indoor
  • Commercial building
  • Industrial building
  • Public building
What to control

Safety instructions:

  • Can irritate eyes and skin
  • No special protective clothing or equipment required

How to use:

  • Kordon TMB is installed on top of the bedding sand in new structures before the steel reinforcing mesh is laid.
  • Concrete is then poured on top. 

  • It is applied during construction.

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Expert knowledge

Expert Q&A

  • How does Kordon work?
    Kordon is a flexible laminate that is installed in a building during construction to prevent concealed access by subterranean termites. Kordon also contains deltamethrin which is highly repellent to termites.

    Subterranean termites (termites) are social insects that live in a colony like bees and ants. Typically, they form a nest in the soil or near ground level in a stump or tree trunk. They eat cellulose which is found in timber and timber products such as paper.

    Attack by termites originates from the nest. Foraging termites will seek cellulose up to 50m or more from their nest. Wood or timber underground is reached by a series of tunnels built by the termite workers.

    Timber above ground may be reached inside the timber or via mud walled tubes plastered to exposed surfaces. These tubes are built by the termites to shelter them from the light and maintain humidity.

    There are more than 350 species in Australia and about 30 are classified as economically important –they attack timber in buildings.

    As well as eating timber, termites damage non-cellulose materials such as soft concrete, soft metal and plastic, building sealants and foam insulation. Cracks in concrete and the gap around pipes penetrating through the concrete slab offer easy access to termites.

    Kordon is installed where termites attempt to gain access to the timber in a building. The deltamethrin in Kordon is highly repellent to termites and they will avoid close contact with it. Termites then look for cellulose elsewhere or seek to go around the Kordon.

    To avoid Kordon, termites build mud tubes around the barrier which are detected during an inspection by a qualified Timber Pest Inspector. Steps are then taken to eliminate the termite colony before significant damage can be done.

    When termites get concealed access, such as when Kordon is not installed, access is gained for a long period resulting in significant and expensive damage.
  • How long will the Kordon barrier last?
    Kordon has been extensively tested by the CSIRO and has been evaluated to have a durability and design life in excess of 50 years. This represents the life expectancy of a building as deemed by Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).
  • Can Kordon be installed in an existing house?
    Generally, the answer is no but in certain circumstances, during a post construction termite treatment, the termite professional may elect to include Kordon in their treatment schedule. They are the best person to make this decision.