Cislin25 Professional Insecicide 5L

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Cislin25 Professional Insecticide is the premium quality deltamethrin suspension concentrate that can be used with complete confidence inside and out.  Cislin  25 controls general pests.

Cislin has been a proven performer in Australia's Professional Pest Management industry for 30 years; and now is available in a more concentrated form, which allows more compact packaging and easier measuring.  With the same broad level of activity and residual performance, high level of safety and formulation quality second to none, it can be used with complete confidence both inside and out.

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Use & Safety

Where to use
  • Commercial building
  • Food factories
  • Food preparation
  • Industrial building
  • Public building

  • 7.5 - 15mg active substance/m2 (equivalent to 50ml of diluted product/m2)
  • Dilute 30 - 60ml of concentrate in 5-10L water; this will cover approximately 100m2 of surface area, depending on porosity of surface treated.

Cislin contains a crystalline suspension of deltamethrin particles.  Field and laboratory trials with Cislin demonstrate that commercially acceptable activity can be expected for at least several months, depending on the nature of the surface treated.

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