Agenda Termite Bait

Product Overview

Agenda® Termite Baiting system consists of 170g bait pouches; On-Ground bait stations and In-Ground bait stations, exclusively sold through Garrards Pty. Ltd.

Product Description

The Agenda Termite Baiting System consists of :-

  • Agenda Termite Bait in easy-to-use foil baiting pouches, eliminating the need to handle or mix the bait
  • Unique On-Ground Bait Stations delivering superior termite aggregation
  • In-Ground Bait Stations offering flexibility

Agenda Termite Baiting System is a licensed 'Australian Made' product.

Use & Safety

Where to use

Commercial building Industrial building Lawn Public building

What to control


Application rates and delivery

Agenda Termite Bait pouches are 170g; there is no need to handle or mix the bait eliminating any chance of bait contamination.

  1. Clean hands or wear gloves prior to peeling back top label, ensuring foil tear hole is approximately 10mm above bait matrix once exposed. This willprevent water spillage and bait matrix contamination of the sticky label
  2. Slowly add 600mL of clean water, wait 2 minutes for total absorption (no need to mix bait, self-mixes)
  3. Re-affix label to cover bait
  4. Turn pouch over, remove bottom label entirely to expose bait; sticky substance stays on pouch to affix to surfaces

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